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《新启蒙汉语(四级下册)》A和B练习册(附上光碟)Exercise Books A & B of “Fun with Chinese Level 4B”

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Exercise Books A & B of “Fun with Chinese Level 4B”is a set of supplementary materials for young children to learn Chinese. The material contains both textbook and exercise books in order to help Chinese children who grew up in the oversea countries to be able to understand the lives and cultural environment of those who live in China.

This book has 6 chapters and it teaches children with the frequent used words, new vocabularies and grammar through the daily lives scenes of the Chinese children. Besides, it triggers children’s interest in learning Chinese through walking into their inner world as well as using both textbook and workbooks A & B. This book is divided into four parts, which is short article comprehension, Q & A sessions, radicals as well as listening & writing part. 

Other than that, this book also provides vocabulary and Chinese characters writing table at the end of every essay reading. In doing so, it strengthens the children's ability to recognize the word and meanwhile make the revision at home much easier. The interactive sessions as included in both exercise books A & B also allow parents to be able to understand the world of their children better when doing revision. CD is attached in the book and hence children is able to train their Chinese listening skill, meanwhile train themselves to be more accurate in pronunciation.

Suitable for : Beginners (age 5-8)
The selling price is RM 47 with a total of 94 pages.

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《新启蒙汉语 四级下册》的练习册A和B是一套针对年幼孩子学习汉语的辅助教材。这套教材包含了课本和练习册两种辅导,让生长在海外的华裔孩子,能多了解中国小孩子生活的文化环境。虽然都是小孩子,但因为孩子们生长的环境各不相同。


《新启蒙汉语 四级》共有一本课本,和练习册A、B两本。本书透过小孩子的世界来编写,希望借此激发小孩子学习汉语的兴趣。课本包含短文理解、师生问答环节、偏旁和听写四个部分。每课短文理解后,书中所提供的词汇表,以及词句重组环节也能加强孩子们对认字的能力。这样一来,当他们在上完课后,回家复习时便会轻松许多。


适合: 初学者(5-8岁), 准备上马来西亚华小的学生


出版:北京外研社  主编:牟岭、李戎真、陈旻、刘凡