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《卓越汉语 -- 商务致胜 1》 Better Chinese, Better Business 1

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推荐书:卓越汉语 -- 商务致胜 1 

Better Chinese, Better Business 1

Foreign Language Teaching And Research Press

  • Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press --- Business Mandarin
  • Comprehensive Business Mandarin Materials: All in one learning that includes listening, speaking, reading and writing designed for Business training sessions.
  •  Follow BCT Exam Principles: With reference to “Business Mandarin Exam”, this series consists of interesting topics and structured exercises compiled by professionals.
  • Learning through Real Life Cases: Careful selections of topics related to real life business cases. Through these cases, readers are able to relate themselves thus increases their applications.
  • Increase Communication Competence: Readers are able to learn professional knowledge and vocabularies in mandarin, thus improve communication skills in the business world.

“Excel in Chinese -- Better Chinese, Better Business 1” is a series that compiles conversational mandarin texts to speakers who are interested in learning professional mandarin in the business world. In order to deal with modernization of the business world, Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press published this series with the help of Shanghai Economic University lecturers to resolve the problem of communication most foreign entrepreneurs face when dealing with China entrepreneurs. Furthermore, due to the high demand of chinese learners, this series could help those who wishes to learn mandarin in a more relevant and professional way.

suitable for : Learners who have had 350hours learning mandarin.

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The selling price is RM50 with a total of 210 pages.






适合: 有半年(340小时)汉语学习经历的学习者