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Chinese Book for New Learner: Contemporary Chinese Textbook 2《当代中文 课本2》

RM 79.00

《当代中文 课本2》

Contemporary Chinese Textbook 2

Contemporary Chinese is a series of educational material specially written for those who do not understand Chinese. This set of material consists of the word formation, auxiliary words grammatical units as well as the cultural background of different chapters. Authors of the book apply daily conversations into textbook and help beginners learn better through widening the depth of each topic learned. This book consists of 12 chapters. Each chapter contains introduction to the sentence examples, the auxiliary word, grammar exercises and the simulated dialogue for student reference. Students are able to learn the China’s cultural knowledge of different varieties within a short period of time through exercises in the book. Moreover, students are able to learn the local language through this book too. This is the book that you shouldn’t miss if you wish to learn Chinese, especially the beginners.

The selling price is RM 79 with a total of 193 pages.

suitable for : English learners learning mandarin(beginner)



Published by Sinolingua

适合人士: 中文初学者