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《新启蒙汉语(三级下册)》A和B练习册(附上光碟)Exercise Book A & B of “Fun with Chinese Level 3B”

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exercise book A & B of “Fun with Chinese Level 3B” 

Foreign Language Teaching And Research Press

The exercise book A & B of “Fun with Chinese Level 3B” is a set of supplementary materials for young children to learn Chinese. The material contains both textbook and exercise books in order to help Chinese children who grew up in the oversea countries to be able to understand the lives and cultural environment of each other better as children are all grew up under different environment. Exercise book A & B also serves as a revision book which enables children to learn by themselves through story-telling, writing and etc. Besides, parents are able to understand the inner world of their children better through the Q&A session as included in the interactive sessions of the book. Play the CD regularly enables the children to train their ability in learning Chinese, meanwhile strengthen their confidence in speaking.

suitable for : Beginners (age 5-8)

The selling price is RM 47 with a total of 93 pages.

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适合: 初学者(5-8岁)