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《新HSK课堂系列:新HSK专项突破四级阅读》“New HSK Profession Breakthrough Level 4(Reading)”

RM 39.00

外语教学与研究出版 Foreign Language Teaching And Research Press


suitable for : HSK 4 examination candidates

The selling price is RM39 with a total of 152 pages.

“New HSK Profession Breakthrough Level 4 (Reading)” is one of the book in FLTRP HSK Class Series. This series have 4 units, every unit have 3 sub-unit. First sub-unit includes explanations on answering and exercises. Second sub-unit includes training and techniques on answering questions. Thirdly, candidates can have self evaluation after every exercises done. Moreover, this book also come with 3 sets of complete model examination papers and vocabulary list to help candidates on scoring better results. The vocabulary list have eng-chi explanation and diagrams. Thus, better understanding for candidates when they do exercises.


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