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Frequency-based HSK Vocabulary (Level 6) HSK 分频词汇(6级)(汉英)

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The Frequency-based HSK Vocabulary series consists of four volumes: Levels 1-3, Level 4, Level 5 and Level 6. These are compiled based on the Chinese Proficiency Test Syllabus and contain a full list of required vocabulary. The vocabulary are ordered by their frequency in the test and divided into four categories: super-high frequency, high frequency, low frequency and zero frequency. Sample sentences are based on the HSK test papers to help students gain a better understanding of the test points and focus more on key and difficult vocabulary. This volume is Levels 6, Chinese-English version. 

Suitable for : HSK 5 examination candidates

Published by Sinolingua Co., Ltd in year 2016
The selling price is RM 79 with a total of 426 pages.

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《HSK 分频词汇》系列包括四个卷:1-3 级,4级,5级和 6级。这些是以汉语水平考试大纲编写的,包含所需词汇表的完整列表。 词汇在测试中按其频率排序,分为四类:超高频,高频,低频和零频。 样本句子也根据HSK试卷,帮助学生更好地理解测试点,有效的专注于考试所涉及的关键和难点词汇。 本卷为 6 级,含中英文版本。

适合: HSK 6  级考生

华语教学出版社 2016 年出版

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