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New HSK Vocabulary Dictionary Level 5 新HSK词汇突破 5 级

RM 26.00

New HSK Vocabulary Dictionary is suitable for students who signed up in HSK Level 5 examination. Students can refer vocabularies together with pinyin and English meaning. It also provides sentence to help students to understand better each of the vocabulary. This pocket dictionary is easy to carry around so students can revise it anytime.

Published by Foreign Language Teaching and Research PresS

The selling price is RM 26

《新 HSK 词汇突破·5 级》是一本专门为HSK五级考生所编写的教材,其词汇内容可符合HSK 五级考试的范畴。书中每个生词附有拼音与英文解释,并以例句来使考生们对该词汇的理解。此书方便携带,考生们也方便使用。


售价:RM 26