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Mandarin Textbook for Kid: Odonata 200 Words Textbook 红蜻蜓200 字读本

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The "200 to 300 Words" series is made up of 8 story books that are written using only 424-812 most commonly used Chinese words. It allows children to practice words recognition through reading. Hanyu Pinyin phonetics, stroke order and notes on intonations are provided in the text books.

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suitable for : Beginners (age 4 and above)

“200 字至 300 字”读本共分为 8 本,内容以常用字书写,让孩子通过阅读学习认字。课文也附有汉语拼音供师长参考。除了读本,“500 字至 800 字”也有读音 CD、辅助作业和“幼儿自读故事系列”,帮助孩子巩固和加深孩子对所学生字的认识。