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Official Examination Papers of HSK (Level 1)(with MP3)

RM 45.00

推荐书:《新汉语水平考试真题集 HSK 一级》 (附上光碟)

华语教学出版社 2014年版

《新汉语水平考试真题集 HSK 一级》由国家汉办/孔子学院总部编制。书内含有5套相应等级的真题。HSK一级分为听力和阅读两个部分。这两个部分将针对学生对汉语的理解能力进行测试。本书能够帮助学生熟悉考试题型和考试流程,为学生做好万全准备。书中含有光碟,能让学生在业余时也方便聆听,并熟悉考试将播放的音带口音。正在备考的您,岂能错过这本真题集呢?售价马币四十五,总页数:80

New Official Examination Papers of HSK Level 1 is prepared by Confucius Institute Headquarters. This book is inclusive of 5 sets of new HSK tests and answers. HSK Level 1 is divided into two parts, which is listening part and reading part. These two parts will be directed in improving the students’ ability in understanding Chinese language. This book will be able to fully prepare students for the exam by helping them to familiarize themselves with the exam format and its process. A CD has been attached in the book in order to enable students to listen and familiarize themselves with the exam’s soundtrack accent during their leisure time. For you who is preparing for the exam, this is the book that you should not miss! The selling price is RM 45 with a total of 80 pages.